Test Lab

For any manufacturing company, QC lab is as precious and important as a heart for living body. Our lab posses following devices to optimize errors and maintain strict quality standards:

  • Automatic Dyeing Machines [Sando lab from Copower and Infrared]
  • Washing Fastness Light Fastness Machine
  • Shaker Bath
  • Solubility Bath
  • Leather Dyeing Machine
  • Pad Batch Dyeing Machine
  • Electronic Balances
  • MACBETH Spectrometer
  • Data color Spectrometer
  • HPLC testing device from Shimadzu
  • UV machine from Shimadzu
Test Lab

Also the devices are calibrated and audited on regular basis to nullify errors. Each and every production batch has to be approved by the QC officers. Production lot is approved on the basis of its comparison with set company standards. There are dedicated lab technician whose only job is to develop new products as per the market demands. Not to mention the lab technicians are well versed with the manufacturing process and take utmost care to marginalize cost factor for products. Besides that the lab technicians have sound experience of 20 years, which helps us to customize the products as the customers requirement. We give an extra edge to our dealers by training their technical staff if required. This helps the customers to compete in the market.