Acid dyes shade card details

Acid dyes are specially suitable for dyeing Wool, Nylon & Silk. These dyes are also extensively used for dyeing paper & leather. This pattern card shows a comprehensive range of these dyes on woolen knitting yarn.


Dyestuff should be stored in cool & dry place away from the dye house.

Preparation of Goods:

Wool is well scoured in a bath containing 0.5% detergent and 1-3% Ammonia in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes and then rinsed.

Dissolving the Dyestuff:

The requisite amount of dyestuff is pasted with cold water and boiling water is than added, with stirring, to dissolve the dyestuff. hardness in water has deterrent effect on the solubility of the dyestuffs and their level dyeing properties. Use of condensed or softened water is therefore recommended.

Dyeing Procedure:

Acid dyes are usually applied to wool with the addition of acids or salt from which acid is liberated during the dyeing. Glauber's salt is used as a retarding agent, this aids in leveling.

The dye bath is set with dissolved dyestuff and 5-10% Glauber's salt. the dyeing is entered at about 50℃, then raised to boil gradually. The color is by addition of 4% acetic acid and or 4% exhausted sulphuric acid for Acid dyes, for milling colors sulphuric acid is not required a these colors are exhausted by only acid, in case of Metal Complex dyes color is exhausted by addition of 10-12% sulphuric acid.

Fastness Properties

  • Light Fastness :

  • 8 denotes the highest degree of fastness and I the lowest.

  • Washing Fastness :

  • 5 denotes the highest degree of fastness and I the lowest.

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