What do colours talk?

When we talk about colours what comes to our mind is the darkest and brightest colours. Right?

But have you ever thought colours are also talking and expressing their feelings?

Let me tell you in detail about colours and their emotions.


There are so many colour combinations we have to choose from the colour palette. Sometimes it's quite confusing to choose a colour but there are primary colours like Red, Blue, and Green, so in between whichever colour shade, we see in these colours we choose and select products like that.


Let me explain colours’ behaviour



Red is the colour that is both the warmest and the most contradicting.

This colour expresses so many emotions at a time like, it can be attractive, aggressive, warm, lovable, passionate. Let’s see some of these strong emotions that Red colour expresses.


  • Power


The red colour is powerful as the colour is very attractive. For example, when an event happens the colour that is used the most is Red because the colour acts as a powerful attraction to the attendees and increases the chances of attendees loving your event instantly.


  • Passion


The red colour also represents passion and desire, why passion and desire? It is because the red colour makes you feel powerful and aggressive to achieve a goal you are looking for.


  • Energy


If you see the advertisements on the crossing roads the billboards are red in colour so the people can attract to it. And other things like promotional messages and brand logos are used red just because the audience connects and engages.


  • Aggression


The red colour is also getting you aggressive because red is so eye-catching and irritating too so when you see the colour you feel some hit in you and feel angry for no reason. So red colour at the workplace and at home try to not to use.







The blue colour represents calmness, peace, trust, and security. When you see some association logo, brand log, or product packaging with blue colour it means they want to show how real and trustworthy they are. And so many people's favourite colours are blue.


  • Calming


Blue is calming because when you see the colour you feel some positive vibes and the blue colour comforts you and never gets you nervous.


  • Inspiring


Whenever you see the public speakers you always see them wearing blue just because they feel confident and feel fresh. So when you see the blue colour it also refreshes you and likewise, you are also inspired by the same.


  • Responses


I want to ask you why all graphic designers use blue for their creativity?

I will tell you just because the blue colour is trustworthy and audiences engage with and respond with the same. And brands are also using blue so a large number of audiences can connect.


  • Behaviour


Because of the blue colour, your behaviour also changes, and you feel calm. Why just because the blue colour is the ocean colour and it creates positive and fresh around blue colours.





Whenever you see green you feel like nature is around you and have something fresh in the air.


  • Calming


While you see the green colour your mood will feel fresh and calm at that time. The green shade put us in a natural place. Most restaurants and hotels have green colour because audiences feel good and enjoy the places.


  • Motivating


Green colour motivates us in so many ways, like, when you see green colour you feel it is good luck and when you see green you feel positive. If you have noticed in the competition also use green flags to show winners.


  • Creativity


Green has a creative way. If you have noticed the graphics designers add green colour in any way to attract audiences. Why just because green is playing the main role to get engaged. The designers mostly use Green and Blue in their designs.


The colours are actually important in life because colour talks so many things in so many ways.

I hope this information helps to understand colour.


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Posted by : Shweta | 20 July, 2022