Between the year-end office parties, the wedding season and well, the office itself, the winter is full of occasions to dress up for. And, as long as you dress for the occasion, stick to shades that suit your skin tone and pick hues that don’t clash, you are on the right side of the fashion divide!

Dressing for the Occasion

Dressing up is more a state of mind than it is a rigorously enforced dress code. On most occasions, a sweatshirt, trousers and a pair of sneakers will pass off when carried with the right attitude. This means choosing a respectable color for your top half – think royal blue or burnt orange, ideally without any logos or graphic prints – and a classic shade for your bottom half, such as navy or grey.

Dressing for your Skin Tone

Getting the color right for your skin tone just means understanding your complexion – if you are fair, stick to darker colours and avoid anything too pale. Wheatish complexion - avoid anything yellow or green that seems to merge with your skin, but otherwise, go wild. Darker skin? Then, anything goes - The darker your skin tone, the easier it is to pull off bright colours!

Dressing with the Right Hues

Deeper, richer hues of the colors you are usually partial to, are the right choice for winter -  if red is what you prefer in summer, burgundy is a what you should transition to.

Choosing the right color right is as much about the fabric as it is about the hue - artificial fabric such as polyester / acrylic, take color and print more easily and give a more vivid appearance. Natural fibres such as cotton or wool appear less harsh once dyed, especially those with a textured finish, which can add depth that softens the overall effect.

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Posted by : Ravi | 24 November, 2021