Research proves colours can significantly affect our mood and the way other people respond to us. Surprisingly, colours can even affect our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, as researchers Keith Jacobs & Frank Hustmyer discovered in 1974.

Everyone has a different way of thinking about colors when choosing clothes - You may choose a colour based on the mood you are already in, or you can actively select a colour based on the mood you WANT to be in.

Here are a few colour suggestions based on science, psychology and experience, on what to wear in a professional setting:-

1. Green denotes freshness, safety & harmony. It is also associated with money and the “go” signal for a traffic light—both great characteristics in the workplace. The colour green is easy on the eyes and gives the least amount of eyestrain, making this a good choice for people who sit in front of a screen for many hours.

2. Blue is the colour of truth & wisdom. It also has a calming effect and is linked to intellect. It also happens to be the most stable of colours. So if you have a volatile or drama-filled workplace, blue is a great colour to wear to rise above the tension.

3. Brown is the colour of stability, and is also seen as masculine. If you’re a woman in a predominantly male workplace, wearing a chocolate brown suit can give you that added psychological strength!

4. Black can powerfully convey feelings of mystery & seriousness. It is also considered elegant and has a thinning effect. (And who doesn’t love that?) If you want to be treated seriously, the typical black suit with a splash of green or blue works wonders.

Now, we also need to look at what to avoid to the extent possible, i.e., which are the worst colors to wear to the office:-

1. Yellow is the happiest of all the colours and usually stimulates joy. However, yellow is considered an unstable colour, so it can be over-the-top in most professional settings (unless you work in the creative department of a new-age ad agency) and may even make the wearer look weak.

2. Red is the colour of aggression & passion. It may be great for a first date, but not so great for the office. It also increases metabolism and raises blood pressure, Red can be seen as a bit hostile in the work environment.

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Posted by : Ruksar | 4 August, 2021