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Recently we have installed 50 Tons / Day capacity new Ice Pant.

Developed new series in Dycrofix Dyes for high exhaustion :


Food Color
Food Color
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Colors of Jagson Colorchem Limited.
In Parlance of life colours play a major role. Nothing whatsoever is complete without a splash and dash of colours. Every expression is best crystaliiized with hues & shades of colours Jagson Colorchem, Makes on honest commited towards providing the best of colours to be woven into the fabric of life.
History in brief:
The success story of the group has started way back in 1976 in the group of trading activity. A Trading House, D. MAHESH &CO. was formed which is engaged in trading of dye stuff, Chemicals & Auxilaries. Our manufacturing activities in Enzymes for Textile & Leather Industries began with NIRMAL UDYOG at New Delhi & them JAGSON BIO-CHEM at Ahmedabad Our Activities at Ahmedabad began with DYECHEM & ALLIED PRODUCTS another trading house, through wich supplies of dyestuff in huge textile units private as well government & semi government units was undertaken. We also started manufacturing Reactive, Acid & Direct Dyes in Ahmedabad in 1986 and expanded manufacturing activites with many more products.

JAGSON COLORCHEM LIMITED highly acclaimed company having solid presence is
international market in Dyestuffs & Dye intermediates, Jagson Group of Industries specialize in manufacturing of wide range of dye like : Reactive, Acid, Direct, Vat, Basic, Naphthols, Based, Sakts, O B A and dyes intermediates.

Quality product at reasonable prices and ably supported by excellent customer technical services. Jagson Group enjoys a formidable reputation for excellent work delivery on right time.

We have our valuable customers spread across various industries like textile, ink, leather, paper, paint, lubricants, cosmetics, jute and many other industries where colour applications are required.
Lab Facilities:
For testing, we have the store-of-the-art laboratory with all most modern equipment facilities like, Spectrophotometer of Gretec Macbeth
  • Automatic Dyeing Machines
  • Washing Fastness Light Fastness Machine
  • Shaker Bath
  • Solubility Bath
  • Leather Dyeing Machine
  • Pad Batch Dyeing Machine
  • Electronic Balances
And many other equipments related to testing of Dyes & intermediates.
Expansion Plan:
In JAGSON AGROCHEM INDUSTRIES already having formulation unit of few Pesticides, now expanding to manufacture and formulating extensive range of Crop Protection Chemicals viz : Insecticides, Miticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Micronutrients along with Zinc Sulphate.
Production Capacity:
Jagson today has a total capacity of 5000MT/PA of dyestuff including all reactive, acid and direct dyes. Our production facilities include Spray Driers, Tray Driers and Fluid Bed Driers supported with reverse osmosis sytem in order to make salt free dyes. Sophisticated Nauta mixture and blender are used for standardizing and de-dusting of final products. This fulfills the Jagson Group's commitment towads worker's safety and industrial hygiene.

We have our own Ice Plant having capacity of 50 Tons / Day.
Jagson Group of Industries have a attitude of healthy respect toward protection of precious natural resources. Our sensitivity is reflected aptly with our active participation in green environment to operate society & our industrial effluent is treated in common treatment plant known as The Green Environment Services Co-Operative Society Ltd. We are always for efforts to reduse waste through reuse & recycling.
Quality Policy & Customer Service:
We believe in strong relationship on the basis of trust in our clients, business friends and employees which we experienced for more than 20 years. Our clients are not only our patrons but our top priority. To reach the client's satisfaction and their edge we develop our product line with our own new indigenous technologies. A large number of clients of high repute are proof that we are on the right track.

Inworld wide activities of JAGSON, all our employees are facing new challenges daily and we will be happy to halp clients to find a solution for dyestuff and intermediate requirements.

Competition is the driving force in dyes and intermediates industry. Competition that is not just the national phase but incressing in global scale. In near future we will see india as a major player in the world's dyes and intermediaes market and we proud to be a part.

'Quality is the best way of eliminating competition.' We have set high standards and constantly out done ourselves in mintaining impeccable standards of quality.
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