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Recently we have installed 50 Tons / Day capacity new Ice Pant.

Developed new series in Dycrofix Dyes for high exhaustion :


Food Color
Food Color
Please visit our Food Color Division

Custom Formulation

JAGSON specializes in providing individually designed, custom products created to meet specific needs. This includes the dyes, which are discontinued or hard-to-obtain. JAGSON’S technical specialists are eager to work with your R & D and marketing departments to help develop the distinctive formulations needed to provide you with a competitive advantage. JAGSON already have developed many dyes which is used invest application and is not available with CI No.

We at JAGSON can exactly math your needs of any type of dyes, with our highly trained technical staff. We have developed our range of special dyes for LEATHER, COTTON and PESTICIDES/FUNGICIDES. For any tailor made or particular requirement of custom made dyes contact our technicians.
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